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With an established clientele ranging from single, young individuals to senior citizens and families, farmers to small business owners, Clarks Fork Mutual Insurance Company has an insurance product, package or policy suitable to meet your needs.

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CFMI offers replacement cost insurance policies as well as actual cash value policies based on company underwriting guidelines.

  • An actual cash value policy reimburses for the depreciated value of your lost item at the time of loss.
  • A replacement cost policy provides reimbursement equal to what’s required to replace your lost item.

What coverage is provided through a replacement cost insurance policy versus an actual cash value policy?

Let’s say you purchased a television three years ago for $1,200 that was guaranteed to last for 10 years.

Under an actual cash value policy, the coverage you would receive for the television would account for the 3 years you’ve had it and deduct the depreciated value at $1,200 divided by 10 years, which is $120/year, multiplied by the 3 years you’ve had it, which is $360. Therefore, your policy would reimburse you $840 for the television ($1,200 minus the depreciated value of $360).*

Under a replacement cost insurance policy, your coverage amount would be for the cost to replace the television with something brand new yet comparable to the original television in terms of function and quality.

*This is only an example and does not necessarily reflect the exact definition of replacement cost within your policy.

Insurance and Policies | Clarks Fork Mutual Insurance Company

Reinsured with Grinnell Mutual

We have your best interests at heart.

Our goal is to provide personal service and policy security to each and every one of our insurance policyholders. CFMI is reinsured with Grinnell Mutual, with whom we share the same mission statement:
To provide quality reinsurance and insurance products and services in a profitable manner through a partnership with member mutuals and agents. Management decisions will be considered in light of their effect on the welfare of the membership.

Insurance and Policies

  • Basic Fire, Lightning, Wind, Hail and Extended Coverage Policy
    Our Basic Fire, Lightning, Wind, Hail and Extended Coverage Policy has evolved over the years from simple fire coverage to now include lightning, wind, hail and other disasters.
  • Homeowners Insurance
    Our homeowners insurance provides coverage for your home, personal property, related structures (yard buildings, fences, etc.) and additional living expense for the costs associated if your home is unable to be occupied during a time of loss.
  • Farmowners Insurance
    This type of insurance provides the same coverage as a Homeowners and can include coverage for your Farm buildings and Farm property.
  • Preferred Mutual Insurance Package
    This is a package type coverage for older home or homes that may not qualify for a homeowners package. Coverage is typically for the home, personal property and additional living expenses.
  • Farm Property Insurance
    This insurance provides coverage for farms that do not include dwellings.
  • Rental Property Insurance
    Our rental property insurance provides dwelling coverage for rental properties.
  • Mobile Home Insurance
    This insurance protects mobile homes, which may qualify for coverage under any of our package or basic insurance policy types.
  • Renters Insurance
    This type of insurance offers personal property coverage for tenants.
  • Personal, Farm & Commercial Liability Insurance on Rental Property
    We also offer additional protection against bodily injury and property damage for your rental property through these forms of liability coverages.

Please check with an agent for a quote on auto insurance.

We take our obligation to protect your information seriously.

Privacy Policy: At Clarks Fork Mutual Insurance Company, we abide by the privacy policy set forth by the CFMI Board of Directors and maintain full discretion with your sensitive data. We appreciate the trust you place in us as you provide the personal information we need to process your insurance purchase.

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