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Extended Coverage Insurance | Clarks Fork Mutual Insurance Company

Basic insurance coverage for your home and property is not just a necessity — in many cases, it’s a requirement. What happens though when the damage to your property from uncontrollable perils far exceeds what’s covered under your standard policy? You’re left to your own devices to cover the costs.

Extended coverage insurance policies are designed to provide the additional coverage you need to ensure your property is protected in situations like this.

Our Basic Fire, Lightning, Wind, Hail and Extended Coverage Insurance Policy is our longest-provided policy and continues to be the strength of the company. Created at the formation of CFMI, this policy has evolved over the years from simple fire coverage to now include lightning, wind, hail and other disasters.

Extended Coverage Insurance Policy Types

Extended coverage insurance is added to a standard property/fire insurance policy to extend the perils of loss that will be covered.

All of our extended coverage insurance policies can be applied to any of our insurance products and packages.

Basic Extended Coverage Insurance

This refers to our Basic Fire, Lightning, Wind, Hail and Extended Coverage Insurance Policy and covers perils specifically named in the policy, including fire, lightning, wind, and hail and other disasters.

Broad Extended Coverage Insurance

This type of policy provides coverage that extends beyond what’s covered in a Basic Extended Coverage Policy and can include perils such as electrical damage, riots or civil commotion, burglaries, etc.

All Peril Extended Coverage Insurance

This kind of extended coverage insurance policy provides coverage for all perils excluding those listed under the policy. Exclusions can include perils such as collapse or impairment, wear and tear, certain pollutants, etc.

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