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Clarks Fork Mutual Insurance Company commenced business on November 15, 1892, and earned the Certificate of Incorporation on February 25, 1935. The company was organized as a cooperative by involving policyholders in the ownership and operation of the company.

CFMI was built on six keys to success, three of which are the basis of our foundation:

about_us_sign1. Protect the financial strength and security.
2. Conduct business in an efficient, courteous and profitable manner while honoring the rights, dignity and value of our policyholders, employees and agencies.
3. Conduct business in an efficient manner that meets the guidelines of the Department of Insurance of the State of Missouri.

The Annual Policyholder’s Meeting is held on the fourth Tuesday of March commencing at 10:00 a.m. at the home office in Boonville, Mo.

CFMI History


November 15, 1892

A group of farmers from in and around Cooper County, MO gathered together to form an organization known as Clarks Fork Farmer Feuer-Unterstuetzungs-Verein providing protection for each other in case of emergencies.
Upon a catastrophe, such as fire, working out of their first official space, the Washington School House, the community would combine their finances together and take care of the damages.
In the years previous to CFMI settling into an official office building, the “offices” were maintained in the residences of whomever was Secretary of the Board at the time.


Chris Toellner HouseChris Toellner becomes Secretary and his home becomes the Chris Toellner Office or the official “office”, of Clarks Fork Farmer Feuer-Unterstuetzungs-Verein (Clarks Fork Mutual Insurance Company) for the next 47 years.


Clarks Fork Farmer Feuer-Unterstuetzungs-Verein is officially incorporated.


CFMI LogoClarks Fork Farmer Feuer-Unterstuetzungs-Verein incorporates, a second time, and becomes Clarks Fork Mutual Insurance Company.


Earl Huecker HouseUpon Earl Huecker becoming Secretary of the CFMI Board, the offices are moved to his home.


timeline_1967Kenneth Huth becomes Secretary and his home becomes the office of CFMI.


timeline_1992CFMI moves into their first actual office building in Boonville.


CFMI moves into their current location at 17780 Sky Line Road in Boonville.


Clarks Fork Mutual Insurance Company currently has a total of 3437 policies. CFMI currently has business throughout the state of Missouri primarily in the counties of Saline, Cooper, Boone, Howard, Pettis, Randolph and Moniteau.

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